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(This wasn't ment to last)

New icon [23 Jan 2005|12:25am]

As one of the administrators of this community, I changed the icon, hope you like it better. I think it looks a whole lot better.


Tweaker Interview, Contest @ Soundnova.com [18 Aug 2004|02:42am]
Just stopping by to let you know a new Tweaker interview and contest is available over @ Soundnova.com

(This wasn't ment to last)

[14 Jul 2004|02:58pm]

I am selling lots of cheap Nine Inch Nails CDs and singles on
ebay Australia.

(This wasn't ment to last)

greetings! [23 Jun 2004|02:03pm]

[ mood | sore ]

I'm glad to be here. i love NIN

My name is Vesper
my favorite video of NIN is Closer for sure
and this is about it lol
nice to meet all of you

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Notice! [27 May 2004|04:57am]
As of May 27th at approximately 6pm this ommunity will be deleted. Unless someone wants to take it over. In this event please email me and head the email "intothevoid Community". The first person to email me by said time will be the one who get's the community. Thank you.


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[26 May 2004|11:30pm]

[ mood | awake ]


I'm a newbie to this community...

I also have a question...what was the strangest post ever to be in this community?


(This wasn't ment to last)

hell has come for breakfast [16 May 2004|10:59pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

mmmm NiNch.

im new to Lj and this community. just saying hullo

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Questions... [22 Mar 2004|01:12am]

It was asked of me, by a few in my circle of friends, b/c I'm the only one who really listens to NIN, what he's saying in Closer, and I do not want this.  The softly spoken parts, and I don't know, and can't find them anywhere on the web. So I was wondering if any of you knew what he was saying... Thanks for the info if you guys do know...

(This wasn't ment to last)

[02 Feb 2004|08:10pm]

(X-posted to every goddamn NIN forum I'm apart of, as well as my personal LJ)

HAAHH!!! HAAAHAHAHAHAA!!! My fucking article got posted on the Meathead perspective and YOURS DIDN'T!! AAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAHAHAHHAAAA(cough cough cough)



It's "WTF Day 4: The Raven Amos Perspective." Take with a shaker of salt, some lime, and tequila to excess.

- Raven W. Amos

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Trent's arse?! [01 Jul 2003|08:47am]
[ mood | amused ]

its not the best pic of his butt but it'll doCollapse )

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trent smiling awwwwwww [22 Jun 2003|12:32pm]
trent smilingCollapse )

(This wasn't ment to last)

www.nin.com [22 Jun 2003|06:18am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

oki is it just me or is www.nin.com fucking up? i went to register a nick and such and you know how they send you an email well its been 4 weeks now and i havent gotten anything. does it normally take this long?

(This wasn't ment to last)

sorry about this post [18 Jun 2003|06:17pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

1) i want to say sorry for this post
2) this is a nin comm and my post is about nin
3) and this is the main point here trickdaddy and i have started yet another nin community _intothevoid_ dont blame me for the name of it, it was trickdaddy idea. it's run by the both of us but lucky she has the final say on things as she did all the work.
4) i also am making a Trent only community, meaning it's about trent not nin. which is trent_is_a_god
thankyou once again

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trent logos and pics [16 Jun 2003|04:16am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Take what you like
nin logo's and picsCollapse )

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another tease [14 Jun 2003|05:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i'm aware of the fact that someone has already posted this pic some time ago... but as i had a comment by... *tries to think* ....somone from one of the nin communities about this pic i will post again... and there can never be enough trent pics.
p.s update it was comadrug235 who commented on the pic!!
trent in a robeCollapse )

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do i need to say more?! [14 Jun 2003|01:27am]
[ mood | horny ]

all i'm going to say is this is my fav pic!! and my fav little trent interview!!
trent pornCollapse )

(This wasn't ment to last)

wave files [13 Jun 2003|05:56pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

does anyone know where i could get any nin wave files??
thanks in advance

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yeahhhhh [31 May 2003|10:42pm]

[ mood | amused ]

hey every one im new!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesh and im so happy i found this community it gives me a chance to bond with more nin fans..yeahhhhhhh

(This wasn't ment to last)

Hey [26 Mar 2003|11:36pm]
I created a community called [Unknown LJ tag]

Please join!

Ps: Sorry for cross-posting! :)

(This wasn't ment to last)

Hey [26 Mar 2003|11:34pm]
I created a community called do_me_trent

Please join!

Ps: Sorry for cross-posting! :)

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[06 Mar 2003|12:10am]
God This Community Sucks Ass!!!

(This wasn't ment to last)

[30 Jan 2003|04:58pm]

Help End Payola Now!


In the last Congress, Senator Feingold of Wisconsin introduced a bill of importance to musicians: the Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act. Senator Feingold is about to re-introduce the bill. It is important for him to obtain co-sponsors, and it would be particularly helpful if the co-sponsors include Senators on the Commerce Committee. As an AFM member, you can help by contacting your Senators and urging them to co-sponsor Senator Feingold's bill. You also can help by writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

In the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Congress loosened the caps on the number of radio stations that can be owned by one entity. Since then, radio station ownership has become increasingly consolidated, with the result that only a handful of owners control the playlists for thousands of radio stations across the country. In addition, radio station owners increasingly own the important local venues and entertainment promoters in the cities where they also control local radio stations. As a result, they have the economic leverage to force musicians to use their promoters and venues in return for radio play. Finally, despite federal anti-payola laws, musicians still must pay money to radio stations through "independent promoters" in order to get radio play of their recordings.

All of these practices hurt professional musicians, reduce competition in the entertainment field, raise prices, and reduce choices for consumers. The Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act is aimed at addressing these problems. Attached is an outline that gives more specifics about the bill.


1. Fax or e-mail to your Senator and ask him or her to cosponsor the bill. A sample letter is available by clicking here. Commerce Committee members' addresses, e-mail addresses and fax numbers are attached. (U.S. mail is not a good way to contact your Senator.)

2. Make sure AFM Government Relations Director Hal Ponder receives copies of any communications between you and your legislators. Hal Ponder can be reached by phone at 202-463-0772, by fax at 202-466-9009 or by email at hponder@afm.org. His address is:
American Federation of Musicians
1717 K Street, N.W.
Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20036

3. Call your Senator to express support of the bill.

4. Make an appointment in your Senator's local office to discuss the bill. Hal Ponder can help you prepare for such a meeting - call or e-mail him and let him know.

5. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.

Forwarded By:AnG Rainbow

AOL, Yahoo, MSN IM: rainbowsroost
StreetTeam Florida Local Music http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stflm/
StreetTeam New York Local Music http://groups.yahoo.com/group/streetteamlocalmusicNY/
StreetTeam Texas Local Music http://groups.yahoo.com/group/southeastwestlocalmusic/

(This wasn't ment to last)

[27 Jan 2003|11:18am]

well, i don't know if any of you listen to afi, but here is a link to thier new single "girls not grey". i know, this is a nin community, but i love afi soo god damn much, that i just have to let everyone hear them... well, with this i say bye bye.

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derp. [04 Jan 2003|12:50am]

[ mood | bored ]

well. hmmh. I don't know what to do or say, this community has certainly died off. heh. ::cough:: ::hears her echo, almost as if she were in an empty cave:: Umm. I got the Best of Bowie dvd for Xmas and on it is the marvelous video "I'm Afraid of Americans". I keep watching it over and over o.O that one, and "Hearts Filthy Lesson" Very Mark Romanek/Closer-esque, but I forget who the director is. Ah well.

::scampers off::

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Hey [20 Nov 2002|03:04pm]

I just wanted to say hi..Collapse )

(This wasn't ment to last)

ALL COMMUNITY WATCHERS! [06 Nov 2002|01:24pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

please inform me of any wrong doing or any mishaps or updates please!! i don't get on here much so just please keep me informed of all that go one here. thanx . btw i appriciate all your support and if anyone has anything cool to add to make this community better let me know.

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[26 Oct 2002|01:28pm]

Well.. this morning I watched "One Hour Photo" and loved it. Wonderful film, on every level. What caught me by suprise was a familliar sound in the beginning of the film.. could it be.. *gasp* Oh my! Nine Inch Nails! :) Yes folks, in case you didnt know (like me, suprisingly) "La Mer" is in the film. (And unfortunately it is NOT on the film's score cd.) :(

I also discivered a new release...came out 10-15-02. It's a string quartet tribute to NIN!!!!! Click here for cd info!
And also, here is an interview Trent gave recently regarding the new tribute.
Read interview here!

Well, time to shower and stuff.

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New Member! [30 Aug 2002|11:18pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

Hey all, I'm Grace. And a 19 year old artist/musician from Mass. All my insperation comes from NIN and Trent Reznor himself. When I went to go see the Fragile concert it was just one of the greatest moments of my life. Seeing my idol close up in the pit and all. And that has to be one of the best albums he had made too...I can't tell you what my favourite song is though because I have too many! =)

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[27 Aug 2002|02:54pm]

Hey, after fucking hours of searching I have stumbled blindly into this community. I hate the new LJ search thing its so difficult to find stuff. Anyways, now Im here Im safe. So hi.
Been reading over past entries, no-one lists Wish as one of their favouite songs....HOW AND WHY IS THIS SO????????

(This wasn't ment to last)

[13 Aug 2002|12:57pm]
[ mood | curious ]

1)... Hi to all the new ppl in here... have fun!
2)... Out of interest what is everyone's fav nin halo and bootleg?
3)... Out of interest what is everyone's fav look of trent?
4)... When and where is Trent tourning??? (if ever again?!)

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